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Posted By: Miguel Valdes Faura
Date: 2009-03-05 16:50
Summary: Bonita 4.1, what else...

The Bonita team is happy to announce Bonita 4.1 release. This version is the first Bonita release of the year. Existing features were consolidated and new important features such asynchronous activities execution or BPM instance cancel operation were added.


- Runtime
* getState operation was added to PackageDefinition
* getState operation was added to ProcessDefinition
* TaskState was renamed into ActivityState
* External libraries: novaBpmUtil and novaBpmIdentity are now integrated in Bonita source code
* environment.xml was renamed to bonita-environment.xml
* clearHistory method was removed from ManagementAPI
* deleteAllPackages was added to ManagementAPI
* H2 is now the default database rather than HSQL
* Examples directory was refactored and improved
* Tests sources were removed from the distribution
* JOIN XOR cancel mechanism was implemented
* Cancel instance operation was added to RuntimeAPI
* Operation getStateUpdates was moved from TaskInstance to ActivityInstance
* Attribute readyDate was added to Activity
* A single and generic environment file is provided in distribution. It contains all possible configurations (in comments)
* DbHistory was renamed into OptimizedDbHistory. Added a full (but not optimized) DbHistory
* A default bonita-environment file is included in bonita-server jar
* PVM dependency to log4j was removed
* COMPLETED state was renamed into FINISHED in InstanceState
* Check on variables types was added at instance creation time
* State updates at instance level
* Default second level cache was removed
* Dependency on cglib was replaced by cglib-nodep
* Asynchronous execution support was added (current limitation: 1 thread in JobExecutorThreadPool)

- Designer
* Xdpl files are automatically generated when a project is created using The Bonita Project Wizard
* Resource folder is now available in eclipse designer allowing external resources/libraries additions in a bar file
* Asynchronous vs synchronous (default) activities execution behaviour was added

- Console
* Assign operation was added
* Cancel instance operation was added

- Documentation
* Reference Guide, Development Guide and Console Guide were merged to on one doc: BonitaCookBook

Bug fixing:

- Runtime
* bonita-environment.xsd is now searched in the bonita classes classloader
* Instances variables at activity level returns values corresponding to activity execution date
* TraceFormatter now print stack traces

- Designer
* Preferences are saved in project scope, not in the plugin scope
* PublicationStatus is now well generated
* Character encoding : special characters like & are now supported in process description
* Transition conditions expressions using Integer type are not well generated (using Long.valueOf)
* #312747 fix: DetermineOperator() should take care of lexical order with String.contains() side effect.
* #311146 fix: Register Ids correctly so name collisions are handled properly.
* Mapper entry was removed from the MenuBar.
* #311428 fix: Update name of variables in conditions.
* #311659 fix: Clearing a condition raise an exception.
* Use Timezone correctly in DateTime Datafield variable.

Have fun !

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