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Posted By: Cédric Dalmasso
Date: 2009-05-29 15:14
Summary: ProActive Parallel Suite New Release Now Available

Dear ProActive Users,

ActiveEon engineers and OASIS research team are pleased to announce the availability of ProActive Parallel Suite® latest release, 4.1.

It can be downloaded at

New features available in ProActive Parallel Suite 4.1:

ProActive Scheduling 1.0
* Dynamic policy-based resources acquisition and improved resources allocation
* More convenient User interface with a new javascript console and more powerful GUIs
* Increased performances thanks to an enhanced memory usage and faster XML jobs processing
* Enhanced reliability thanks to Hibernate based persistence
* Increased flexibility and reliability of the integrated Matlab distributed version
* Fully integrated Scilab distributed version
* Increased portability thanks to configurable tasks generation

Get full details of ProActive Scheduling new features and improvements at !

ProActive Programming 4.1
* Simplified distributed debugging with an efficient code checking and JVM log retrieval and aggregation
* More flexible deployment framework with additional configuration parameters and full http support
* Extended communication protocol between JVMs sitting in protected zones and simplified access to any remote object

Get full details on ProActive Programming new features and improvements at !

ProActive Optimizing 4.1
* Easier distributed application debug thanks to a step by step mode on active objects and a new display for a more convenient system overview

Get full details on ProActive Optimizing new features and improvements at !

Get faster up to speed with ProActive 4.1 by attending ProActive trainings! Next sessions’ schedule available at

A wide range of services around ProActive Parallel Suite is provided by ActiveEon: consulting, technical support, integration and development… Learn more about these services at !

About ActiveEon

ActiveEon is a Professional Open source software company, co-developing ProActive Parallel Suite with the development team OASIS (a joint team between INRIA, CNRS, I3S and the university of Nice – Sophia Antipolis).

ActiveEon provides a full range of services for ProActive Parallel Suite: Training and certification, Consulting, Technical support and Integration and development. For more information visit:

About OASIS Research Team

OASIS research team is a joint project between INRIA, CNRS, I3S and the University of Sophia Antipolis. In the context of distributed applications, the objective of the team is to offer technical and fundamental principles for programming, maintaining and executing distributed and multi-threaded applications

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