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Posted By: Stefano Maffulli
Date: 2010-05-11 09:49
Summary: Funambol Community Edition v8.5 ready for download

The Funambol team is very glad to announce that Funambol Community Edition v8.5 is ready for download. There was a lot of work involved in this release, with two new clients officially made available (Android Sync Client and Mac OS X Sync Client). The development of the iPod sync client has been now left to the community: if you're interested in maintaining it just let me know. The Funambol server and SDK have gained better support for syncing large files. Support for BBOS 5.0 and WM 6.5 was added to BlackBerry and Windows Mobile clients, while Outlook Sync Client now supports Windows 7.

Following popular demand, there are now builds for 64bit operating systems ready to be installed, for GNU/Linux and Windows.

The release notes are now a separate file for each package and contain detailed information about what changed since last version. Here is the full list:

* http://download.forg​​4j/releasenotes-bund​le-8.5.0.txt
* http://download.forg​​4j/releasenotes-admi​n-8.5.1.txt
* http://download.forg​​4j/releasenotes-blac​kberry-sync-client-8​.5.2.txt
* http://download.forg​​4j/releasenotes-clie​nt-sdk-8.5.0.txt
* http://download.forg​​4j/releasenotes-maco​s-sync-client-8.5.1.​txt
* http://download.forg​​4j/releasenotes-outl​ook-sync-client-8.5.​4.txt
* http://download.forg​​4j/releasenotes-symb​ian-sync-client-8.5.​3.txt
* http://download.forg​​4j/releasenotes-winm​obile-sync-client-8.​5.1.txt

You can download the packages from the usual download page:

* https://www.forge.fu​​#start

and from Android and iPhone market. Enjoy and spread the word of the new release on Twitter, Facebook or other places you like to hang around :)

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