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Talend Open Studio
Posted By: Patrick Coffre
Date: 2010-10-06 13:21
Summary: Talend Open Studio 4.1.0 is available

Download Talend Open Studio 4.1.0:

We are proud to inform you that Talend Open Studio 4.1.0 is now available.

What's new in this version? Many new features have been added since version 4.1.0M1:

- New Run/Debug View with Advanced trace debug (conditional breakpoints, tMap preview), Metadata Wizard for Advanced FileOutputXML. New components include tSOAP (manual WS call) and tHL7Output (1st version).
- new tSOAP webservice component, added file sort order to filelist, update feature and build script to add external plug-ins, added the possibility to have a bootstrap to avoid login dialog and added 1,N cardinality on tFileInputMSDelimited.
- Dynamic Schema for tFileInputDelimited and tFileOutputDelimited, added Metadata type for FTP, easily shared custom components between TIS Studios and CommandlIne connected to the same Remote repository, customized exported documentation (CSS) and possibility to customize all licenses for code generated / routines for OEM.
- Updated Ganymed SSH library and an updated JSCH for S-FTP connection.
- Added multi selection in tAdvancedOutputXML wizzard in order to delete and reorder multiple nodes/attributes and added links in the Studio.
- New Bonita components (workflow), ability to move and delete columns in XML like wizards and GUI components
- Created BONITA components tBonitaDeploy and tBonitaInstantiateProcess, tStewardshipTaskInput component to read existing tasks from the DSC database, added MS Access Bulk component, new Teradata Loader Configure, added a possibility to append xlsx files, added tIngresBulkExec NULL indicator and allowed the specification of a user who owns the table, optimized code of tChronometerStop and added an item to return triggered time.

For more detailed information, please check the Changelog:

Joining the Talend community is the best way to influence the progress of your preferred data management solution!

The download is available at
The community tools (Forum, Bugtracker, Changed Log, Wiki, Subversion, Trac, Flash tutorials...) are available at

Thanks again for your support and your involvement!

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