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Posted By: Sergiu Dumitriu
Date: 2010-11-08 13:43
Summary: XWiki Enterprise and Enterprise Manager 2.5.1 released

Bugfix release for the 2.5 version, fixing and improving the PDF export, broken images from the office importer, severe performance problem with many blog categories, and broken scheduler functionality.

* XWIKI-4869 - PDF export does not support classes in pdf.css
* XWIKI-5104 - Submission throttling when filtering the livetable in order to increase the livetable performance
* XWIKI-5152 - By default, feed plugin should use the fetching date as entries creation date
* XWIKI-5509 - PDF Export fails for field style with textarea type
* XWIKI-5588 - Wysiwyg removes image when image is left align and has a link around it
* XWIKI-5609 - Wrong version summary displayed when adding tags
* XWIKI-5617 - Images break when being imported from a doc
* XWIKI-5625 - PDF styling doesn't work anymore
* XWIKI-5635 - Clearing a previously not empty text filter will not update livetable permalink properly
* XWIKI-5637 - In the object editor, classes inaccessible to the current user due to access rights are displayed as $escapetool.xml entries
* XWIKI-5638 - Rendering errors message tooltip is not translated
* XWIKI-5644 - The WYSIWYG editor is not fully loaded with minimal configuration on WebKit browsers
* XAANNOTATIONS-37 - Change page header shortcuts separator for annotations
* XABLOG-23 - Performance problem with the Categories panel
* XABLOG-112 - Small rendering problem on blog
* XASCH-56 - Scheduler table only lists jobs in the scheduler space. It should list all jobs in the wiki
* XASCH-57 - Scheduler does not save jobs status properly
* XAWMB-7 - XWiki.WikiMacros page is not translatable
* XAWMB-8 - XWiki.WikiMacros requires programming rights
* XPWATCHLIST-114 - Broken "Watchlist Interval" preference
* XSCOLIBRI-239 - Vertical align and text align not working on cells with multiple lines and entire tables
* XSCOLIBRI-240 - Bind shortcut keys to their corresponding UI component
* XSCOLIBRI-241 - Improve support for portlet integration by avoiding using the body tag in CSS selectors
* XSCOLIBRI-243 - Change page header shortcuts separator to a more simple one that assures readability
* XSCOLIBRI-244 - Broken layout in IE6/7 caused by vertical-align: inherit
* XSCOLIBRI-245 - Avatars can get larger than their intended size
* XSCOLIBRI-246 - Block content inside table cells should not be distanced from the cell borders

See and for more details.

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