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Posted By: Amira ben Hamida
Date: 2014-03-12 16:36
Summary: Contrail 2.0 is out

Contrail 2.0 Release Notes

The following describes the release notes for Contrail version 2.0. The following sections describe the release in detail and provide other information that supplements the main documentation linked at the end.

This is the final public release. Your feedback is important to us, please help us make this the best product possible.

The Contrail software is released under BSD 3-Clause licence.

Contrail <> develops an integrated approach to virtualization, offering Infrastructure as a Service services (IaaS), services for federating IaaS clouds and Contrail Platform as a Service services (ConPaaS) on top of federated clouds. The aim of the project is designing, implementing, evaluating and promoting an open source computational cloud wherein users can limitlessly share resources.

This is the fourth public release of the software stack. It is targeted to the researchers and cloud technology enthusiasts. It extends the functionalities of previous public releases as it integrates all components of the system.

The software was released on 4th March 2014.

What's new in the release?
- Federation Core updated for complete application lifecycle support.
- SLA Managers to include LoA, simplified deployment procedure.
- VEP 2.2 with support for OpenStack and constraints on GAFS.
- VIN tunnelling support with IPSec and GRE.
- Contrail-Ceilometer Bridge as monitoring and alerting support for OpenStack.
- Improved deployment of security components.
- ConPaaS services.
- Various other corrections and improvements.

The release provides complete Contrail stack with integrated components for a support of an application lifecycle and application management. The user can test Federation Identity Management, integrate the portal with existing portals using SAML or Shibboleth. Management of different Levels of Assurance depending of the source of registration can be performed as well. Federation serves now as a gathering point for different providers and users and cloud administrators can fine tune the selection criteria upon which the negotiation with the cloud providers is performed. The release also improves in AAA with Auditing where Cloud administrators as well as users have full trace of the usage of their data by the system. Further improvements are made regarding security, with full control over OAuth tokens and network tunnelling support with IPSec and GRE.
On the provider side, the VEP and monitoring added support for OpenStack. Contrail also provides libcloud functionality, where the federation acts as a provider to the calling entity. ConPaaS added support for Contrail as a provider for its services.

Release R2.0 builds upon a previous release V1.4 which provided functional components without full integration and deployment. Note also that we will perform weekly updates to the released packages to update the last bits of functionality and to further improve the deployment and reduce its complexity.

Installation Notes

See the Installation Guide [1] for full details. Please look at the Administration Guide [2] for further administration details. For further information, please visit the download page on the Wiki of the project [3].

We currently support the following systems:
- Debian 6.0
- Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
- Ubuntu 13.10

Software requirements:
- current version supports virtualization on OpenNebula clusters only.

The User's Guide [4] describes the basic usage and functionality of the system.

For contact and any help, please send an e-mail to the />
Best regards,
Contrail Consortium

[1] Installation Guide:
[2] Administration Guide:
[3] Wiki Download page:
[4] User's Guide:

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