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JOnAS Plugin for Eclipse
Posted By: Rias Emmanuel
Date: 2004-03-11 18:00
Summary: JOPE 1.1 is released

JOPE 1.1 allow a full J2EE development on JOnAS. The new fonctionnalities are :
- Database Connection Pool configuration in JOPE
- RAR support :
* Open a rar file in the JOnAS project
* Add resource in a rar
* Build a Resource Adpater
* Deploy and undeploy a resource adpater
- J2ee modules choice when the EAR file is generated
- Synchronisation between EJB implementation and interfaces :
* allow to synchronize the method signature of EJB implementation with interface Remote, Local, Home, HomeLocal
* when ejbCreate is modified or added, ejbPostCreate is modified or added too
- Add logs : allow in all java file to logs attributes or parameter of the class. The logger is Monolog.

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