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Petals ESB

If you would like to contribute to this project by becoming a developer, contact one of the project admins, designated in bold text below.

Developer Username Role/Position Skills
Adrien Louis alouis Developer View
adrien ruffie aruffie Developer View
Christophe DENEUX cdeneux Project Manager View
Christophe Hamerling chamerling Project Manager View
Charles Casadei charles_casadei Developer View
Marc Dutoo dutoo Developer View
Frédéric Gardes fgardes Developer View
Gael Blondelle gblondelle Project Manager View
Pierre-Yves Gibello gibello Developer View
Julien Lesbegueries jlesbegueries Developer View
Jean-Pierre LORRE jplorre Project Manager View
Mathias BELDAME mbeldame Developer View
Carrolle mathieu m_carrolle Developer View
Marc Jambert mjambert Developer View
Mathieu LE BRETON mlebreton Graphic/Other Designer View
Mohammed El Jai mo_eljai2 Developer View
Marie Sauvage msauvage Developer View
Fleury nfleury Developer View
Nicolas Oddoux noddoux Undefined View
Salatgé Nicolas nsalatge Developer View
Olivier Fabre ofabre Developer View
Patrice Conil pconil Developer View
PEtALS petals Developer View
roland NAUDIN rnaudin Project Manager View
sébastien garcia sgarcia Graphic/Other Designer View
Sandra Trino strino Developer View
Thierry DÉJEAN tdejean Developer View
Vincent Zurczak zurczakv Developer View

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