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Release Name: 3.0.0


                    Spago RELEASENOTES                                        

                    Spago3.0.0, release of 2008-11-27
This is a new major release of the Spago Framework with many change from the latest 2.2.0 and without backward-compatibility. It is an extension of previuos release with completely new and rewrited components.
Spago 3 is designed to provide a new simple and strong Rapid Application Development environment.

New Features In This Release:
 - Java code writing limited to custom business functionalities: normally its not necessary writing Java code nor JSP anymore !

 - New presentation layer for Web applications
   . A new custom tag library with css and javascript for managing multiple resolutions (1024 & 1280)
   . Its possible having more forms in the same page to easily build "rich client layout" like master/detail
   . Ajax implementation
   . A single JSP provides all CRUD features also on multiple pages.
   . Multiple list columns Sort
   . Filter for each column with type management and comparison criteria

 - Re-writing of Navigator to handle ajax calling and lookup parallel session

 - Refactoring of many components

 - New StatementProvider class to managing the SQL statements and parameters in a unique way

 - DAO introduction to manage some mechanisms on database like auditing data, logical deletion, etc
   - In the queries beans of the module/action configuration files its possible to specify a class that manages the database instead of specifying a statement.
   . The dao class must implement the specific method for the access type  (SELECT, LIST, DELETE, UPDATE or INSERT)
   . The dao class can execute more than one SQL statement for each required service (e.g.: I can verify the prior existence of a record before inserting a new one)
   . The dao class already provides some methods for statement and parameters manipulation (e.g.: I can add the audit data of the user performing the update to the statement parameters)
   . The dao classes can use cross invocations to implement complex behaviors

 - Complete refactoring for managing the parallel navigation flows generated by lookup calls.
   . Using a new configuration file lookups.xml its possible linking the fields of a fieldset defined on a detail module with any list module. This means that the lookup is now a standard list, and not a special kind of list.
   . The filter criteria can be specified from the detail module to the list module and vice versa from the columns of the selected row towards the detail module.
   . If the searched value is not found in the lookup list module, its possible to insert it directly using other lookups also.

 - New Decorator component to manage the data formatting for visualization both in lists and details
   . Its possible managing the formatting according to the regional settings
   . A library containing a lot of useful decorators is provided
   . Decorators can be used to manage combo-box (see sample provided into decorators.xml)

 - New Skeleton & Default XML simplify configuration feature
   . Default are stored in a configuration file that contains, for each leaf of the different configurations (pages, modules, actions, …) a default value. The values not specified in configurations are retrieved from these defaults
   . Skeleton are XML fragments that are usually repeated in configuration files, so they can be defined only once and then referenced by an identifier (e.g. the list modules buttons)

 - New adapter that allows invoking AS400 onLine and batch programs
   . This adapter works with "PCML" files (generated by the AS400 compiler) describing the input and output data format
   . The adapter build and fill the call request to a AS400 program according to PCML specification, execute the call and returns the optional answer of the called program.

 - New application development environment called Spago Studio.
   This environment allows the developer to build new database based Web applications

 - XSD for the main XML configuration files
Fixed Bugs and Issues:

Known Bugs and Issues:

  - AJAX doesnt work on Firefox Mozilla 2.x version and previous, please use 3.0 or above
  - AJAX doesnt work on Internet Explore 5.x
  - Errors messages are duplicated into error popups

Working In Progress:  

   - New function in Studio to handling PCMLs instead a database source. This feature will provide a new set of function to manage all DB interactions from a legacy RPG/Cobol programs instead SQL statements


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