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Enhydra Server

Release Name: 6.3-1

  What's new in Enhydra Enterprise 6.3-1
- IMPORTANT: To proceed with Enhydra Enterprise installation you are obligate to have either 
             JOnAS-Tomcat or JOnAS-Jetty 'tgz' distribution file present on your local file 
             system (developed on JOnAS 4.3.4 version)!

- Enhydra Director maintenance - release 6.3-1 is included in this release.
		        - New "Rebalancing" mechanism – to support web server (Director) clustering (parallelism).
- DODS maintenance - release 6.3-1 is included in this release.
            - Java 5 compatibile
            - New implementation of StandardConnectionAllocator and DataSourceConnectionAllocator.
            - Several other fixes and enhancements.
- Octopus maintenance - release 3.3-1 is included.
- EAF maintenance - release 6.3-1 is included in this release.
            - New JMX MBean model implemented.
- EnhydraDemos maintenance - release 6.3-1 is included.
            - New application pair integrated:
              tableApp: Axis Server (as Enhydra application) which returns 'Document' object as 
                        result of axis request.
              tableAppClient: Axis client which presents 'Node' object extracted from 'Document' 
                              object received.
- Windows Setup - Developed silent installation support.
- Toolbox - Enhydra Appwizard changed: Enhydra Application is default one now (instead of Web Application).

- IMPORTANT NOTE - To make Enhydra-Connector fully functional for JOnAS-Jetty distribution option 
                   we had to patch Jetty's 'org.mortbay.jetty.servlet.AbstractSessionManager' class.
                   During creation of new Session object, AbstractSessionManager generates session 
                   ID by using 'HttpServletRequest.getRequestedSessionId()' method call only if that 
                   session ID exist in global session ID Map. To make Enhydra Director functional, 
                   session ID must be 32 characters long and to end with (Enhydra Director) specific 
                   tag. This way, existing implementation of AbstractSessionManager doesn't’t leave 
                   possibility of session creation with predefined IDs. With our patch we enabled 
                   (back to previous versions) the session creation with 
                   'HttpServletRequest.getRequestedSessionId()' even when session ID doesn't’t exist 
                   in global ID Map.

Known Bugs:
- EnTray - We've noticed some problems with EnTray menu display in situations when menu hight (depending on 
           number of entries) is similar to Screen hight. In situations like this, workaround would be to 
           remove one of deployed applications or to deploy another application in which case menu navigation 
           arrows will be displayed.


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