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Release Name: 2.2.3

Latest version compiled against Eclipse 3.3.

Fixed some Eclipse 3.3 related bugs in compare editor and bytecode reference view.

This release is compatible only with Eclipse 3.3.

Changes: Changelist since last public BCO 2.1.0, without any meaningful order: "Options to show non decimal values for numeric constants in the bytecode" "Add popup menu to bco view to open bytecode reference view" "Add index page with all opcodes for Bytecode Reference View" "Support for linking with outline view" "Synchronize selection between Java editor and bco": first part (Java->BCO) implemented "Allow to compare two methods in the same class" Improved inner class support (again) Added bytecode disassembler (readonly) working as a replacement for default (readonly) class editor for classes from linked libraries. If you know jadclipse, you may got the idea. The difference is that it shows bytecode and not Java code, and it is OS-independent (jadclipse works on Win32 only). This feature requires Eclipse 3.3. Added (limited) debugging support. You may now debug classes from linked libraries using bytecode disassembler. It is not a full featured debugger and is useful only if you need to debug classes without assotiated source code. This feature requires Eclipse 3.3. All settings in BCO view are now persistent between Eclipse starts. Added "togle link with BCO view on/off" button to bytecode reference view. Included ASM 3.0 final (support for new Java 1.6 bytecode additions) Bytecode compare got additional formatting options (show/hide: line info, local vars, stack map attributes) Class files *not* on the Java classpath may be also opened with bytecode disassembler (readonly) Different smaller bugfixes. I may also forgot something, it's a long time since 2.1.0 :o) Please notice, that because of new "bytecode editor/debugger" features latest BCO sources was compiled against Eclipse 3.3. The BCO view itself may still work with Eclipse 3.2, but it is not more guaranteed/tested. The "bytecode editor/debugger" features are also *not* compatible with Eclipse 3.2 anymore.

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