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Release Name: 2.4.0

This release reintroduces the BPEL support, fixes some bug and provides some new features and improvements.
All issues and bugs are related to the Spagic JIRA accessible at URL:
(after registration, you have to wait 1 minute before trying the login).

New Features In This Release:
    - SPAGIC-334  Support HTTP compression in CXF component
    - SPAGIC-333  Support HTTP compression in HTTP component
    - SPAGIC-328  The process and instances list can be sorted by process name, id, data in ascending or descending order, selecting the column name
    - SPAGIC-325  Added in the process list page the columns: active, executed, fault instances
    - SPAGIC-324  Added a new page that shows a list of the binding components and the messages received, sent , waiting, faulted.
    - SPAGIC-311  Implement a Rule component supporting Drools4 and XLS files
    - SPAGIC-291  Add the possibility to save the queries that the user frequently execute

Improvements in This Release:
    - SPAGIC-76   Update to ServiceMix 3.3
    - SPAGIC-342  Optimize a query used by monitoring on Transition instances
    - SPAGIC-338  Start and stop processes functionality. Both bottons starting and stopping processes are visualized, only one is active.
    - SPAGIC-330  The time fields dont display the seconds
    - SPAGIC-321  The deploy tool doesnt manage the import/export of namespaces
    - SPAGIC-319  EIP Aggregators should propagate properties/attachments by default and allow this behavior to be configurable
    - SPAGIC-318  Support new JMS BCs
    - SPAGIC-315  The service assembly relative to BPEL process is not generated into the "Deployables" folder
    - SPAGIC-77    Implement Synchronizer as Servicemix-bean component
Fixed Bugs and Issues:
    - SPAGIC-355  The support for provider mail component is wrong in Spagic Studio
    - SPAGIC-352  The Queue information shown on the console are in the wrong column positions
    - SPAGIC-351  Spagic on SMX 3.3 doesnt terminate gracefully
    - SPAGIC-345  The application throws an exception when try to configure the automatic backup/delete process (only in Linux enviroment)
    - SPAGIC-344  The monitor service incorrectly tries to save relevant data even if the XPath expression doesnt evaluate data
    - SPAGIC-343  TCP-Consumer Enpoint does not send back done when handling InOut Exchange an the under mina session is closed
    - SPAGIC-341  The "Unpublish to MetaDB" features doesnt delete the data into property_step, step, step_rule table
    - SPAGIC-340  Property isStepIntermediateEvent is settend on BPMN EMPTY END ELEMENT
    - SPAGIC-337  There is a problem when try to stop and start a process more time
    - SPAGIC-332  BPEL thecnology is not yet compatible with the latest release of Eclipse (Ganymede).
    - SPAGIC-331  TCP Provider endpoint does not handle correctly null response
    - SPAGIC-329  The Synchronizer doesnt manage properly the error exchanges for In-Only MEP
    - SPAGIC-327  The TCP component doesnt manage properly the error exchanges for In-Out MEP
    - SPAGIC-323  Implement the command "Remove from Registry" for ebXML registry
    - SPAGIC-320  The full stack trace of the exceptions is not visible in the spagic console
    - SPAGIC-317  Spagic Studio does not contain the postgresql driver
    - SPAGIC-314  The ODE listener does not trace the messages having as target the following activities: wait, while, if
    - SPAGIC-312  JDBC Advanced component: if the XPath expression doesnt retrieve a result, the empty string is used instead of a null value
    - SPAGIC-310  The component TCP/IP does not properly implements the method stop()
    - SPAGIC-307  The monitoring doesnt work with latest ODE release
    - SPAGIC-225  Modify user and password relative to metadb-bck in the jndi.xml configuration file
    - SPAGIC-124  BPEL generation: on the assign activities it is necessary to click on the payload element
    - SPAGIC-116  Advanced search: make a search for Executing processes, choosing "Executing" in the State combo, then receive a "No instances" message, then in the State combo there is only "Error" and not anymore "Executing" and "Executed"


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