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[ #306413 ] incorrect handling of URi to address database/syncsource

2006-11-17 14:23
Submitted By:
Harrie Hazewinkel (harrie)
Assigned To:
Stefano Fornari (stefano_fornari)
server ds
incorrect handling of URi to address database/syncsource

Detailed description:
On Nov 17, 2006, at 2:10 PM, Michael Riedel wrote: Just some more remarks on the URI problems I had when addressing databases... However, I had a problem with the "./" prepending the sourceURI. When the DB demo client asked to synchronize with "./ contactDB" or "./customerDB", the server responded 404 (not found). After I removed the "./" everything worked well. I am not familiar with what the SyncML specification says about the format of relative URLs. But might this be a bug? Not sure what you mean here, but some phones add the ./ without specifying it. You need to use the admintool to configure this, but actually not sure if the admintool supports it (cannot remember I used it). First of all, my version of the admintool does not seem to support any slashes at all in the database URI of a Table SyncSource. It is a URI and thus a '/' is allowed. There is an implementation issue related to this that the name of the syncsource cannot have a '/', because that is refering to a filename. However, other SyncSources, like e.g. the FileSystem SyncSource, do support it. The SyncML specification (OMA DS 1.2) also mentions the use of slashes in database URIs (e.g. "calendar/james_bond"). Maybe all of your SyncSources should handle this the same way. Yes, I consider this a bug. See above. Secondly, I'd expect relative database URIs like "./foo" and "foo" to refer to the same database anyway. If I understand the SyncML 1.2 specification correctly, the server should transform them to absolute URIs before further processing. I'd expect this to work similar as the handling of relative URIs on the web. E.g. from the context of http://localhost:8080/funambol/ds the following URIs should all refer to the same resource: contacts/michael ./contcts/michael ././././contacts/././././michael contacts/../contacts/michael ../ds/contcts/michael http://localhost:8080/funambol/ds/contcts/michael http://localhost:8080/funambol/./ds/../ds/contcts/./michael See sections 6.6.2 to 6.6.3 of OMA-TS-DS_Protocol-V1_2-20060710-A [1] for details. This document also refers to RFC 2396 [2] which describes URIs. However, I have to admit I did not read the latter. I believe you are completely correct. The current server implements the URI as a string and that is incorrect. I believe that the string should be really interpreted as a URI. This was mostly aliased in the PipelineManager, but is conceptually incorrect. I'm not completely sure how to interpret these documents. But I assume the Funambol DS Server should handle such database URIs more flexibly. They should not be taken literally, but should be interpreted as part of an URI. That's the possible bug I mentioned earlier. Yes, I fully agree. That is a bug.

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Date: 2007-02-14 05:20
Sender: tdelcont
Logged In: YES 

Accepted.  Bug #2014 added in Funzilla.

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