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Posted By: Gianfranco Boccalon
Date: 2006-06-23 15:25
Summary: Spago 2.1.0 released

The Spago team is pleased to announce the release of Spago 2.1.0.

You can download it from:

New Features In This Release:

- Workflow engine integration
Enhydra Shark workflow engine was integrated in Spago.
A generic interface for workflow engines has been defined in Spago: in this way different implementations can be plugged-in. We provide the implementation for Enhydra Shark rule engine, and a simple test application for handling a TO-DO list.
The integration consist of several libraries: spago-workflow-api.jar,spago-shark-workflow-impl.jar, spago-worklist.jar and the sample spago-workflow-sample.war.
Please read the documentation for details.

- Porlet: released an updated portlet adapter. This is the same adapter used by SpagoBI. A demo of SpagoBI (and indirectly of the portlet adapter) is available at "";.

- JBI integration: released a pre-release of the JBI adapter.
This adapter allows exposing the services as JBI components. All the services written by Spago will be available through the binding components supplied by the JBI container. The adapter is available on our public SVN.
Please read the documentation for details.

- Drools integration.
In PAGE dispatching mode there is the possibility to define the conditions using rules defined in any language.
This feature is allowed by the Drools integration: this engine allows to define rules in different languages (Java, Groovy, Python, etc).
The integration is implemented by a separate library (spago-rules.jar), some configuration information and the file containing the rules.
Please read the documentation for details.

- Validation: added a lot of improvements. These includes, for
example, enhanced error message handling, enhanced configuration features, the possibility to create custom validation types and default value handling.

- Publishing: enhanced the pluggability of the module and improved the error handling. Also a new mechanism was introduced to help the compliance of accessibility constraints.
Accessibility constraints deny using Javascript in HTML pages (or, in another form, the page should work properly also without Javascript).
Please read the documentation for details.

- Error handling: enhanced error categorization.

- SOAP: created a new Axis adapter for statefull SOAP session, in addition to the classic Apache SOAP adapter.
Please read the documentation for details.

Working In Progress:

- JSF integration
- AJAX integration

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