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Enhydra Director
Posted By: Dragan Radakovic
Date: 2006-09-20 09:27
Summary: Enhydra Director 7.0-3 is released!

Hi all,

Enhydra Director 7.0-3 is just released!

CVS sources are updated and binary distributions are available from:

* New configuration parameter - hotStandByMode!
Possible values are "normal", "noMasterSlave" and "noAutoSlaveShutdown".
This parameter defines behavior of hot stand by connections.
If it is set to "noMasterSlave" then [server - hot stand by server] will be equal and only one of them will be active at time.
"noAutoSlaveShutdown" setting is similar to "noMasterSlave" mode. Only difference is behavior of slave server. If slave server fails, it will not automatically be disabled and it's master will not be automatically enabled. In that situation it will behave like normal server (as if he doesn't have hot stand by).
Default value is "normal"!
* Added version and release information in status page title
* Tomcat connector 5.5 now supports cookies based on rfc2109

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