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Posted By: Gianfranco Boccalon
Date: 2006-10-04 16:40
Summary: Spago 2.1.1 released

The Spago team is pleased to announce the release of Spago 2.1.1.

You can download it from:

New Features In This Release:

- AJAX: Added AJAX support and changed the example SpagoMiscSamples to show the usage of two different AJAX libraries (OpenRico and
- Modules dispatching: extended the ERROR scope for conditions and consequences.
Please read the user guide for the details.
- Validation: Added the NumericEnumerationValidator
- Dispatching: Added the possibility to invoke services with .action or .page syntax.
For example the URL:
can also be written as:
- Messages handling: added the possibility to specify the bundle name in the constructors of
The message code of the error will be searched in the bundle specified instead of the default bundle (messages).

Fixed Bugs and Issues:

- XML handling: added the following methods to the it.eng.spago.base.SourceBean class:

public static SourceBean fromXMLStream(InputSource stream, boolean trimCharacters);
public static SourceBean fromXMLString(String xmlSourceBean, boolean trimCharacters);
public static SourceBean fromXMLFile(String xmlSourceBean, boolean trimCharacters);

These methods allow to choose if the characters sections have to be trimmed in the construction of SourceBean from different sources.
- XML handling: changed the handling of characters sections in XML files in the SourceBean.
In the previous release if a SourceBean was built with the following XML:
<SPAN class="informal"> J2EE Open Source framework </SPAN>
the string "J2EE Open Source framework" instead of the string " J2EE Open Source framework "
was stored. Now it's possible to choose the Spago behaviour: the default is still to trim the text.
- XML handling: fixed the method SourceBean.toElement and SourceBean.fromXML: there was an incorrent conversion if the XML contained elements with both childs and text, like in
the following sample:

<LI>Spago <SPAN class="informal"> J2EE Open Source framework</SPAN></LI>

The <LI> element contains both text ("Spago ") and childs (<SPAN class="informal"> J2EE Open Source framework</SPAN>).
- Multichannel publishing: due to automatic redirection an error was produced invoking services on non HTTP channel, if some errors was in the error handler.
- Message handling: fixed Message handling for errors in all adapters, except HTTP.
- Distributed coordinator: Fixed the distributed coordinator, related to the changes publishing handling.
- Multipart forms: Fixed the retrieval of header parameters for multipart forms
- Upload: Generated a unique file name for saved files
- Tracing: Fixed the tracing of SessionContainer object: the permanent part was missing
- Response caching: Fixed a problem on the response caching mechanism: the attribute AF_CACHED_RESPONSE
was setted to TRUE also for the first invocation of the cached service. This because the attribute was setted too early: now the attribute is created when the response is retrieved from the cache.

- Security: added the following methods to IEngUserProfile interface:

public Collection getFunctionalitiesByRole(String roleName) throws EMFInternalError;

These methods allow to have the functionalities for a single role, and
not only all the functionalities. In some profiling systems this is a quite common feature.
Spago doesnt use these new methods, so you can implement them empty, if you dont need them.
- Validation: Fixed the handling of dates in DateValidator: with the format DDMMYYYY the
date 12/15/2006 was valid (and this wasnt the right behaviour).
- Validation: changed the interface it.eng.spago.validation.FieldValidatorIFace: the method setDefault now returns a boolean (instead of void), that tells if the default
value has been used. The new signature of the method is:

public boolean setDefault(SourceBean serviceRequest, String fieldName, Map fieldValidationParams) throws EMFValidationError;

- Validation: removed from classes it.eng.spago.validation.EMFValidationError and it.eng.spago.validation.EMFFieldUserError the constructors without the field name in the parameters. If the field name is not available when invoking the constructor, please use null as field name value.

Known Bugs and Issues:

- The method toXML of the SourceBean doesn't handle properly multivalue attributes.

Working In Progress:

- JSF integration

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