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Open Mobile IS
Posted By: Philippe Delrieu
Date: 2007-05-25 07:25
Summary: Open Mobile IS framework pre-release R6

The Open Mobile IS team is proud to annouce the realease of a new pre release R7 of the project. We didn't reach the finale version because the OSGI module integration is more complicated than expected and we start several other Open Mobile IS extention that didn't allow us to spend much time in the OSGI module. Never the less we have done the terminal part of OSGI. We have to finish the server and the synchronisation part.
There is now a folder call "deploy" in the zip archive that contains the OSGI Open Mobile IS bundle and a new folder named bundle in the MyCRM example that contains the MyCRM bundle

This release adds the following new features :
* adds a progress bar GUI during synchronsation. Do show it add the org.openmobileis.synchro.ui.progressbar=true in
* adds proxy support in synchro connection. adds the following properties in :
org.openmobileis.synchro.proxy.address=<proxy adresse>
org.openmobileis.synchro.proxy.port=<proxy port>
org.openmobileis.synchro.proxy.login=<proxy login>
org.openmobileis.synchro.proxy.realm=<proxy authrealm>
org.openmobileis.synchro.proxy.pass=<proxy pass>

* to support template in jar file, we change de fremarker version. We integrate the 2.3.8 version. The new fremarker jar is freemarker238.jar. Template can now be put inside the application jar.
* better simultaneous synchronisation management
* increase performance of the synchronisation of big file (several Mb).

The incompatibilities with the R5 version are :
* FODB init and getCurrentFODB change. See the SimpleOpenMISInit class. FODB manage must be registered now by calling registerManager(). To get access to FODB use FastObjectDBManager.getManager().getCurrentFODB(). The call is now compatible with all manager’s call.
* Fremarker use new the 2.3.8 version by default. Update your freemarker.jar file with the freemarker238.jar.

Last points : We started severals projects around Open Mobile IS to add better support for PocketPC and Linux PDA, Push synchronisation, P2P synchronisation to facilitate the synchronisation of big file, PIM management.

Open Mobile IS Team.

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