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Posted By: Cédric Brun
Date: 2007-06-18 08:58
Summary: Acceleo 2.0.0 released with JEE, Java, CSharp and Php

The 2.0.0 final version of Acceleo has just been released. This pragmatic MDA code generator offers many new features and is now bundled with "on the shelves" generators targeting JEE, CSharp, Php, Java or Python.

Using these generators you're now able to generate code for these technologies in a few mouse clicks (have a look on the screencasts !).

Moreover, you can keep in touch with their latest evolutions by following the Planet Acceleo blog aggregation, a community activity led by the architects and developers who have already joined together to realize these modules.

Eclipse bundles including Acceleo and the generator modules are available on the download page.

The core engine also evolved in order to provide a very low learning step. The templates syntax has been changed and is now able to directly handle filtering predicates. This leads to better syntax highligthing, error detection and completion. Browsing services have been refactored to get a better consistency.
Using Acceleo 2.0.0 you're now able to export your generator projects as Eclipse plugins. This feature ease the install and update of generators using Eclipse update-sites.
Last but not least : this release brings a better compatIbility with XML files thanks to EMF-XSD.
All these features are described with screenshots at the New and Noteworthy web pages many screencasts explain the use of Acceleo and of the generation modules.

Note the fact that Acceleo has been chosen by the Topcased and Papyrus projects as their "model to text" transformation engine.
Another big news is that the professional documentations published by Obeo are no longer restrained to a non commercial use.

More information on the generator modules bundled with Acceleo 2.0.0:

-JEE Generator : business objects, relational/objects mapping using Hibernate, database initialization scripts, data access objects, integrity constraints, user interface using Struts, unit-testing (JUnit and HtmlUnit).

-CSharp generator : business objects, relational/objects NHibernate, interfaces, factory and implementations, database initialization scripts and Visual Studio configuration scripts.

-Java generator : generate Java classes from class diagram, use a specific Profile to customize the generation.

-Ecore to Python generator : business objects, specific constraints(opposite relations, uniqueness...) and unit tests.
-Php generator : 3 layered architecture, data access using PearDB, data transfer objects, Smarty templates and PhpMVC actions/forms.

-Mindmap : XHTML slides generation from a MindMap domain specific modeler.

Other modules are being prepared for other technologies and languages, do not hesitate to join the Acceleo team !

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