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Posted By: Bruno Dillenseger
Date: 2010-07-08 10:06
Summary: CLIF v2.0.3 is available for download

Compared to previous stable version 2.0.1, CLIF stable version 2.0.3 improves deployment (correct deployment cache update, more explicit deployment error messages), measures storage (improved availability and ordering capabilities), CLIF server self-configuration (smart and transparent multiple networks management), troubleshooting information (integration of Eclipse's console feature for displaying standard output and standard error messages). FTP injector performances have been greatly improved. The alpha-version reporting tool has made some progress. Documentation has been completed and updated.

Compared to previous versions, ergonomics have been fully revised, with many new Wizards, for creating a CLIF test project, for managing CLIF properties, for deploying a test plan, for creating a test report, and for capturing an HTTP scenario. New features allow for defining per-project CLIF properties, for storing monitoring data in CSV files, and for keeping all test execution results in a per-project basis.

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