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Posted By: Jacob Kjome
Date: 2010-08-25 09:02
Summary: XMLC 2.3.2 is out

XMLC 2.3.2, just over 2 years in the making, is a major release that includes...

Bug Fixes...

- Fixed issue with LazyDOM failing to deal gracefully with two or more elements
having duplicate Ids where one of the elements is removed at runtime.

- Fixed issue with SSIs failing to load when running on a virtual Windows machine.

New Features...

- XMLC now supports I18n/L10n! When enabled, templates are loaded by Locale.

- New L10nTask Ant Task! It can be used to generate localized templates based
on properties file resource bundles (which can be UTF-8 encoded when run under JDK1.6+).

- New org.enhydra.xml.xmlc.misc.I18nUtil providing useful I18n/L10n-related utility
methods, (plus escapeRegexMetaChars(String) method used by L10nTask).


- Updated XMLC regular expression support to Perl5.6 syntax. Removed gnu-regexp
dependency in favor of JRegex. Warning! - This may change the behavior of existing
-urlregexpmapping options, as gnu-regexp was intentionally limited to POSIX Extended syntax.

- New org.enhydra.xml.xmlc.deferredparsing.ResourceLoader interface, along with
DocumentLoader, DocumentLoaderImpl, and XMLCDeferredParsingFactory improvements
(besides I18n/L10n). Warning! - DocumentLoader interface change may break custom
DocumentLoader implementations not currently extending DocumentLoaderImpl.

- New org.enhydra.xml.xmlc.servlet.ServletDocumentLoaderImpl/ServletResourceLoaderImpl
classes to allow loading of resources from the ServletContext.

- Added the ability to load XMLC metadata files located alongside, and named after,
the markup files, only with the .xmlc extension. This allows for custom metadata
files, per template, not previously possible when using dynamic loading.

- Various dynamic loading improvements.

- Various encoding usage/changes/enhancements.

- XMLCContext additions/improvements, including meticulous Javadoc documentation.

- HTMLFormatter/XMLFormatter serialization improvements, including support for
HTML5 style doctypes (i.e., <!DOCTYPE html>), automatic re-mapping of doctypes
between HTML/XHTML input/output based on OutputOptions formatting options, and
support for the CDATA hack in XML, not just HTML, disabled by default (using the
CDATASection node to pass though unparsed markup without embedding it within <![CDATA[]]>).

- Compatibility with Google App Engine. In fact, the XMLC Tomcat example app
can now run under Google App Engine.

General Updates...

- Deprecated reflective org.enhydra.xml.dom.DOMOps methods (removed one method
that never worked anyway).

- Synchronized XMLC Lazy/LazyHTML/XHTML/WML/CHTML/VoiceXML DOMs with post Xerces-2.9.1
HTML/WML DOM changes. Applied equivalent changes to various Xerces Issues.

- Updated the Tomcat example application to show off new functionality, including
some sophisticated DOM manipulation implemented in experimental classes that may
someday make it into the core XMLC codebase.

- Updated to Xerces 2.10.0, xml-apis 1.4.01, NekoHTML 1.9.14, JRegex 1.2_01, ASM 3.3,
Jaxen 1.1.3, commons-jxpath 1.3, and Log4j 1.2.16, removed gnu-regexp dependency.

- XMLC is now Maven friendly! Uploaded XMLC artifacts to OW2 Maven2 repository:

See xmlc-2-3-2-release-note.html for more info

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