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Posted By: Clément OUDOT
Date: 2014-06-30 17:14
Summary: LemonLDAP::NG 1.4.0 is out!

This is the last day of June, we are just in time for the new release of LemonLDAP::NG!

This new version (1.4.0) is a very important one, with a lot of work in the code, most of the time invisible for the users. The Handler code has been quite totally rewritten, introducing Mouse to manage objects. This rewriting is still a work in progress and new Handler code should be publish in other minor versions of 1.4 branch.

Mouse has also been used in Common modules, to centralize default configuration values or create a Session API that manages cache.

Security and performances have been improved, now session identifiers can be generated with SHA256 instead of MD5.

The portal has a new theme based on Bootstrap: display is now possible on every device (laptop, smartphone, tablet, etc.), and the customization can be done by using any Bootstrap theme available on the web.

In SAML module, the IDP SSO initiated mode is now supported.

Expected since a long time, portal now provides a self register module: you can activate it to enable new users to create an account and use your SSO infrastructure.

If you were using captcha in the latest version, you can now use them in cluster mode, by configuring a session backend.

And we are working to support Nginx! A LUA Handler is available on github, since Perl support in Nginx is not ready yet. But stay tuned!

The full changelog can be seen here:

Please read carefully upgrade notes ( as Apache configuration has changed. You may need to update yours.

They made this release:
* Community: Florian Praden, Jan Baier, Jean-Charles ROGEZ, Jean-Maxime LEBLANC, NUEL Guillaume, Thomas Chemineau
* Core team: Sandro CAZZANIGA, David COUTADEUR, François-Xavier DELTOMBE, Xavier GUIMARD and Clément OUDOT

A special thanks to David COUTADEUR (LINAGORA) and François-Xavier DELTOMBE (Gendarmerie Nationale) whithout whom this release would not have been possible.

If you use LemonLDAP::NG and enjoy it, please let us know:

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