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Posted By: Philippe Merle
Date: 2003-10-21 10:32
Summary: OpenCCM 0.8 released

OpenCCM 0.8 is now available at

This OpenCCM 0.8 release includes:

* Many bug corrections, see the OpenCCM Bugs
#257, #353, #358, #378, #401, #427, #429, #432, #454, #456,
#460, #466, #468, #509, #510, #513, #515, #516, #521.
* Support for SUN JDK 1.4.1 & 1.4.2.
* Improvement of the support for Borland Enterprise Server (BES) 5.0.2.
* Improvement of the support for Borland Enterprise Server (BES) 5.2.
Thanks to Mike Gratsas for contribution.
* Support for JacORB 2.0
- See the OpenCCM Task #880.
* Improvement of the support for The Community OpenORB 1.2.1.
* Support for The Community OpenORB 1.3.1
- See the OpenCCM Task #498.
* Improvement of the support for The Community OpenORB 1.4.0
- See the OpenCCM Task #858.
* A new front-end for XMI UML files to design the application in an UML tool
and to feed the interface repository with this model.
- See the xmi2ir command.
* A new generator for Java business component implementation templates
from OMG CIDL files
- See the OpenCCM Tasks #569 and #915.
- See the cif_jimpl command.
* Support for the CORBA Trading Service
- See the OpenCCM Task #452.
- See instructions for new commands trader_start, trader_ior, trader_feed,
trader_gui, and trader_stop.
- Support for "registerwithtrader" and "traderquery" elements in the XML
Component Assembly Descriptors (CAD).
- See the new document on how writing Component Assembly Descriptions
in XML.
- Add a plug-in for the OpenCCM Administration Console allowing to browse
all registered service types, offers, and proxy offers, to create new
queries to browse registered offers, to create and remove trader links,
and to configure the trader properties. See here for more information.
* Support for starting deployment from PDA (Win CE)
- See the OpenCCM Task #570.
- New commands ns_start, factory_start, ccm_deploy, and tear_down were
added to the OpenCCM for PDA distribution.
- See new command instructions here.
- See new instructions for Starting a deployment process from your device.
* Support for XML DTD Formal Public Identifiers (FPI) which enable CCM
descriptors portability
- See instructions for Writing CCM XML meta files.
* Added the ::Components::CCMHome::get_container operation for obtaining
the Container where the home is installed
- See the OpenCCM Task #633 and the OMG issue #6001.
* Added the Distributed Computing Infrastructure (DCI) defined by the
IST COACH project
- See new commands dci_start, dci_ior, dci_stop, node_start, node_stop,
factory_start, and factory_stop.
* Improvement of the Launcher Tool
- See the OpenCCM Task #204.
- See here for more information on the launcher tool.
* Improvement of the graphical Packaging/Assembling tools
- See the OpenCCM Task #106.
- Added support for CORBA Component Descriptor (CCD) and Property File
Descriptor (CPF).
- Direct access to associated CORBA Component Descriptors (CCD) and
Property File Descriptors (CPF) during packaging.
- In a same manner, added direct access to involved descriptors of a
Component Assembly Descriptor (i.e.: CSD, CCD, or CPF files).
- Merge of packaging and assembling tool in a single one, covering the
whole providing of deployment meta-information for an application.
- Both Component and Assembly ZIP archives can be built from the
* Template files for OMG IDL, Java, Unix, Windows, and XML
- See Resources and files in the templates directory.
* List of the projects related to OpenCCM
- See the Related Projects page.
* Three new french tutorials presented during the 4th Summer School on
Middleware and Building Distributed Applications (ICAR 2003)
* See OMG's CCM Technology page.
* See the new slides in both PDF and PPT formats.

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