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Posted By: Philippe Merle
Date: 2004-04-16 18:45
Summary: OpenCCM 0.8.1 released

OpenCCM 0.8.1 is now available at

This OpenCCM 0.8.1 release includes:

* Some bug corrections, i.e. OpenCCM Bugs
#225, #552, #553, #554, #555, #557, #565, #567, #569, #575,
#576, #579, #580, #581, #588, #300019, #300025, #300043, #300026, #300071,
#300098, #300113, #300118, #300152.
* Added support for MacOS X platforms.
* Ported on JacORB 2.1.
* Ported on OpenORB 1.4.0-BETA1.
* Added the JavaCC 3.2 tool as external package to
generate the OpenCCM OMG IDL/PSDL/CIDL parser
* Updated the xmi2ir command
- Taken the CCM CIF concepts into account
- Replaced the CORBA-based UML repository by a JMI-based one
- Improved compilation time
- Reduced code size
* Added a new generator to generate class files dependencies
from CIDL compositions
* Added an option to the psdl_java generator to allow users
to specify its classes inheritance in a properties file
* Externalisation of the CIF IDL interfaces generator.
* Updated the OpenCCM Interface Repository to allow to
disable the OMG IDL 2.x mapping computation
* Completed deployment functionnalities.
- Added support for CSD dependency elements with attribute type equals
to "Java Class" and attribute action equals to "install".
- Allowed component instantiations from already existing homes,
see OpenCCM specific componentplacement and existinghome elements
added to the XML DTD for Component Assembly Descriptor (CAD).
- Changed the componentfiles element from mandatory to optional.
- Supported the sequence element in CPF descriptions (partially done).
- Supported component archives in component assembly archives.
- Added the parametrisation of the deployment stopping/continuing in failure cases.
- Improvement of the component assembly file checking. Now comprehensive messages
are printed pointing out the problem.
- Improvement of the deployment machine architecture to integrate new destination
support for advanced users.
- Added a deployment logger mechanism based on the deployment machine components state.
- Improvement of the DCI architecture reliability.
* Added the Persistent State Service 0.2
* Added the OpenCCM for PDA module
- Added the new pda module with its documentation (install_guide_pda, user_guide_pda).
- Support for Linux PDA.
- New features to configurate and automatically install OpenCCM on Windows CE PDA devices
(connected via an ActiveSync link).
- Added new CosNaming service and DCI Manager arguments for distributed execution
on several devices.
- New commands to set and remotely access to the IOR of started OpenCCM services from
device (ns_set, dci_set), and launch the OpenCCM Browser under a Linux PDA device!
* Added the OpenCCM Comanche Server allowing you to remotely access to the IOR
of started OpenCCM services.
* Added new commands to set the IOR of OpenCCM services to use.
* Added documentation on how to execute OpenCCM in a distributed system.
* Improvement of the Browser Framework.
- Improvement of the "view panel" management.
- Added a status bar management.
- Configuration of the initial context in the Browser configuration file.
- Supported zip archives into the Browser configuration file.
- Added examples of Browser Framework instances (One to browse Fractal components).
- Added role management.
- A documentation of the Browser Framework is now available here.
* Improvement of the OpenCCM Browser.
- Added information about CORBA Object in the status bar.
- Enhanced the existing plug-ins (Renaming a binding in the CosNaming,
New panels for CosNaming and Components).
- Created new actions on CORBA Objects (Ping, Save IOR to file).
- Added a plug-in for managing DCI. (Browse the DCI,
install/build/tear down/destroy an Assembly).
- Added several roles/views (CosNaming administrator,
Components administrator, Deployment administrator, ...).
- Added a mechanism to display/modify attributes of CORBA objects
and CCM components (see the "chat" demo for detail).
* Added support for ORBacus and Unix environments for the COACH Tracing Server.
- Now this tracing server can be used with Unix environments, and ORBacus
hasn't the NS reference problem anymore.
* OpenCCM's Packaging/Assembling Tool new module
- Added the new openccm-pat CVS module alias.
- See the Install Guide's section to know how to build it.
- The tool is now fully standalone.
- Using an up-to-date Apollon version, which avoids external icons
or XML config files.
- Improved GUIs with more icons and a re-organisation for some panels.
- Added support for CAR and AAR file opening for edition.
- Supporting the OpenCCM's DCI with <destination> features.
- Added the DCI Node Properties Descriptor (NPD) Graphic Editor.
* Added the OpenCCM presentation done at the 3rd ObjectWeb Conference 2003,
INRIA Rocquencourt, France, 20th - 21th November 2003

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