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Posted By: Julie Marguerite
Date: 2004-10-28 18:06
Summary: New releases of RUBiS and RUBBoS

Thanks to Niraj Tolia those releases provide the following

NFS mounted directories

- No longer depend on NFS for collecting log files
- Instead, we write all logs, html files, etc. to /tmp and then scp
the files over


- Sar logs data in a binary format now. This helps a lot in looking at
a particular resource for a small time span (eg CPU utlization three
minutes into the runtime period)
- Logs files are converted into text the graphing programs can
interpret before the ClientEmulator session exits
- format_sar_output.awk slight modified to reflect new capture semantics

Remote Shell

- All use of ssh has been converted to use "-x" for faster logins.
There can be a delay if you attempt to ssh in without having proper X
authentication data
- This makes us dependent on ssh (no more rsh would be allowed)

C-JDBC monitoring option

- Add options to monitor (using sysstat) any C-JDBC servers (if present)
- Generate graphs for these log files (modified and
- HTML for these graphs added for the summary pages
- all properties files also modified to reflect this option
- Can currently monitor only one C-JDBC server

Client Emulation

- Fixes in state transition switch/case statements in the code
- Drain output streams from the graph generation program. This
prevents the ClientEmulator hanging when the output stream from backs up.


- Fixed AboutMe, BrowseCategories, ViewBidHistory, ViewUserInfo where
connections were free-ed twice (if errors were encountered in any
helper functions)
- Typo fixes in

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