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Posted By: Sebastien Chassande-Barrioz
Date: 2005-07-26 14:26
Summary: Speedo 1.3.1

Speedo 1.3.1 is available.

This new version provides the following new features:
- Speedo, via MX4J, provides a simple HTTP console to administrate Speedo.
- Speedo provides MBeans for the JMX administration, using fractal-JMX.
- JORM generation is based on ASM (1.5.3). Then the enhancer is faster than the use of velocity and a compilation step.
- update the JDO2 javdoc provided with Speedo
- Within J2EE, possibility to choose the transaction mode: REQUIRED, USER_TRANSACTION, NORMAL
- new speedo identifier based on a java.lang.Long permiting NULL value in the database
- A TTL for connection and persistence manager. Now there is two TTLs: The first one is the total time to live of a resource. The second is the time to live of a resource when it is unused.
- JDO2 sequence : transactional, nontransactional (+doc in user manual).
- Spring integration is documented ( User manual / Integration with Spring) (thanks to Sebastien).
- Update the JDO2 API from the apache project (see incubator). Be careful the FetchPlan.resetGroups() method has been replaced by the the FetchPlan.clearGroups() method.
- the javax.jdo.datastore.DataStore interface from JDO 2 is implemented. It permits to manage manually the L2 cache.
- Versioning managed with version-number.
- the name of the alias for query on plymorphic class, is prefixed with the '_' character in order to avoid conflict with reserved word in the database.

In addition, many bugs have been fixed:
- Bug fix #303784: Connection with datasotre stays opened when creating a datastore sequence.
- Bug fix #303783: Use of intermediary sub-classes in the query.
- Bug fix #303807: Column names are aliased using an utility class in JORM to avoid lexical order problem
- Bug fix #303774: Error on a rollback of a transaction within a J2EE context
- Bug fix #303740: javax.jdo.option.DriverName should be javax.jdo.option.ConnectionDriverName
- Bug fix #303706 : Cursor on gen class is not closed when closing the query and the pm
- Bug fix #303654: Multiple records in HashMap with same key after replace
- Bug fix #303623: allocate on sequence with Oracle
- Bug fix #303580: Null value comparison not supported for primitive field
- Bug fix #303576: Problem with parameter index in SQL
- Bug fix #303494: two contains with the same collection path
- Bug fix #303491: !contains
- Bug fix #303444: during the last call to, some driver come back to the initial position (0) whereas some others stays in the last position.
- Bug fix #303540: setRange
- Bug fix: setRange on query with Oracle
- Bug fix duplicate flushing of modifications in a working set (transaction)

This release should be integrated to JOnAS 4.5.

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