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Celtix ESB
Posted By: Adi Sakala
Date: 2006-04-02 09:19
Summary: Celtix Hits 1.0 Beta!

Celtix Dev Team is pleased to announce that Celtix 1.0 Beta is now released and available for download at

1.0 Beta consists of most of the key features of 1.0 stable release planned for April 28, 2006.
More info on Celtix planned Releases and Milestones can be found at,

Our website now hosts a demo page whose intent is to provide demo applications to help you get up and running quickly with Celtix. Checkout, We encourage you to download them, run them and enjoy the learning process!

Below you will find the details of all the major features part of this release.

* Support for Webservices Reliability based on WS-RM
* Enhanced WS-Addressing Capabilities.
* Configuration based support for JMS Transport.
* Support for JMX based Management capabilities.
* Support for XML Binding.
* Enhanced support for wsdl2java and java2wsdl tools.
* Support for new commandline tools like,
xsd2wsdl, wsdl2xml, wsdl2soap, wsdl2service.
* Preliminary implementation of Routing capabilities limited
to SOAP.
* Enhanced support for JAX-WS 2.0 API's.
* Native integration of Celtix into Apache Geronimo J2EE appserver.
* Support for validating application data against XMLSchema in runtime.
* Enhanced support for deploying celtix services into a servlet
container based on feedback from Jonas J2EE appserver project.
* Celtix now supports Maven 2.0.3.
* Celtix is now available as maven distribution at,

Celtix documentation is also available from our website at,
More documentation will become available in next couple of weeks.

We are constantly working on improving the code base and welcome your valuable feedback.

Please share your experience and send questions/comments to, and development-related issues to />
1.0 Beta related issues can be logged and tracked at

Best Regards,
Celtix Dev Team

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