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Posted By: John Rutter
Date: 2005-08-22 09:50
Summary: JavaService V2.0.4 Release

The Version 2 code base for JavaService has resulted in the generation of a 'Release Candidate' software release, V2.0.4.

This includes all functionality of, and compatibility with, the V1.2.12 JavaService release. It includes additional commands to interrogate the configuration and status of an installed service, as well as an enhanced command help facility and new documentation.

Although the code has been tested for compatibility and reliability, it is recommended that this version is not yet used for operation of live production services - until such time as extended testing and verification have been performed.

Any reported problems will be promptly investigated and addressed in subsequent releases of this software, with the aims of declaring this a stable product release and continuing the ongoing usefulness of the JavaService application software.

Updated product documentation can also be viewed from the project home page, as well as within the downloaded software distribution.

Any and all feedback on this new version of software is much appreciated, so please supply comments on the project forums to share your experiences of using this V2 code.

John Rutter (JavaService project admin)

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By: pandu ranga
 RE: help with start service [ reply ]  
2007-10-17 20:12
Hi, I know its pretty late afer two years, I am getting the same error when I start a java class - Could not start MyService on Local Computer Error: 1053 The service did not response to the start or control request in a time fashion" Any fiixes

By: Denis
 help with start service [ reply ]  
2005-09-28 11:57
My start.bat file contains such command JavaService.exe -install "MyService" "C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.2_04\bin\client\jvm.dll" -Djava.class.path="C:\Jwrapper" -start com.mii.cmp.TestApp -out "C:\Jwrapper\JavaService-2.0.5\stdout.txt" -err "C:\Jwrapper\JavaService-2.0.5\stderr.txt" Class com.mii.cmp.TestApp very simple and placed in some directory with JavaService.exe,when I try to start service from service list the starting process terminates with error "Could not start MyService on Local Computer Error: 1053 The service did not response to the start or control request in a time fashion" Thanks in advance.


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