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Message: 10260
By: Pascal Rapicault (pascal)
Date: 2007-11-14 15:08
Subject: RE: Pseudo boolean solver


Hi, Thanks for the fast reply. The project I'm working on is far from being top secret since it is hosted at the eclipse foundation. In a few words, this project, equinox p2 [1,2], consists in replacing the eclipse update manager with something more flexible and robust. As part of this effort I have been investigating the usage of solvers (SAT and PB) mostly following what is described in the OPIUM paper [3]. I don't have yet at my disposal any of the large problems, but I know they could be that large because some eclipse distros are pretty large and the mapping we apply from our domain objects [4] to PB solvers is pretty verbose. When I get one of the large problem I will share it with you if you are interested. &gt; 1000 variables is ok but 40 000 constraints might be terrible for the PB solver. Is this a general statement about PB solvers? What else could I use? Note that I've been using PB solvers simply because SAT solvers can't give me an optimal solution, and also I liked the &quot;standard&quot; input format that these solvers work on. Thanks, PaScaL [1] <a href="" target="_new"></a> [2] <a href="" target="_new"></a> [3] <a href="" target="_new"></a> [4] <a href="" target="_new"></a>

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