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jonas AT [Archives] [Sympa] [Subscribe] [Unsubscribe]
 The jonas mailing list is the general mailing list for JOnAS users. It is used for any question about JOnAS, bug reporting, announcements, problems, contributions, etc. JOnAS (Java (TM) Open Application Server) is a distributed platform compliant with the J2EE (TM) specifications. For more information on the JOnAS project, have a look at:
jonas-announce AT [Archives] [Sympa] [Subscribe] [Unsubscribe]
 This mailing list is used to announce JOnAS events, new versions, availability of products using JOnAS, etc.
jonas-bugs AT [Archives] [Sympa] [Subscribe] [Unsubscribe] Mailing List.
jonas-commits AT [Archives] [Sympa] [Subscribe] [Unsubscribe]
 JOnAS CVS Commits Mailing List.
jonas-de AT [Archives] [Sympa] [Subscribe] [Unsubscribe]
 JOnAS German Mailing List.
jonas-doc-commits AT [Archives] [Sympa] [Subscribe] [Unsubscribe]
 JOnAS Documentation CVS Commits Mailing List.
jonas-fr AT [Archives] [Sympa] [Subscribe] [Unsubscribe]
 Communauté francophone des utilisateurs de JOnAS.
jonas-team AT [Archives] [Sympa] [Subscribe] [Unsubscribe]
 Mailing list for JOnAS developpers.
jonas-tests AT [Archives] [Sympa] [Subscribe] [Unsubscribe]
 Test reports performed on JOnAS.

Other OW2 Mailing Lists

newsletter AT [Archives] [Sympa] [Subscribe] [Unsubscribe]
  Subscribe to this list to keep you informed of OW2 happenings. The newsletter appears every other month.

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