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Celtix ESB

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Project for playing with forge features

 Milestone 1
First milestone to demostrate an End to End Scenario.

 Handler Support
provide support for JAX-WS 2.0 handlers

 Command Line Tools
command line tools for Celtix

 SOAP Binding
Provide support for various features of SOAP Binding

Testing framework for Celtix

 Configuration Metadata
Configuration Metadata Infrastructure

 Configuration Runtime (Static)
Configuration Runtime Data Schema and Infrastructure for Static Aspects

Tasks related to generic bind API's

Miscellaneous tasks

 JAX-WS 2.0
Implementation of jax-ws 2.0 spec

 JMS Transport
Celtix JMS Transport.

 JCA Support
Provide a JCA ResourceAdapter for Celtix

 Reliable Messaging 1.0
Implement WS-RM specification.

 RM WS-A/transport infrastructr
WS-Addressing/transport infrastructure required for WS-RM

The common framework for celtix instrumentation

Celtix JBI Support

 Configuration Dynamic
Support for changing configuration at runtime, react on and persist such changes

 XML Binding
XML Binding for Celtix

Develop celtix router

Celtix Integration for Geronimo

Subproject to track documentation for Celtix

 Reliable Messaging 1.1
Reliable Messaging 1.1

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