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Release Name: 0.9.0

Notes: OpenCCM 0.9.0 is now available at The OpenCCM 0.9.0 release brings a major change in the organisation of the whole OpenCCM software including: * General changes - Split OpenCCM into several modules instead of only one module. - See OpenCCM Task #150. - See the list of OpenCCM CVS modules. - Improved the compilation time to build the whole OpenCCM platform. - Removed all absolute paths in files generated during the build process. Now OpenCCM binary distribution could be produced. - See OpenCCM Task #2119. - Added support for CYGWIN on Windows systems. * Utils Module - The common utils used in the OpenCCM Platform have been extracted from the OpenCCM core module in the utils module, as an independant module. This module becomes the base dependency for all others. * Launcher Module - The launcher tool version 2.0 is used in all modules. It has been extracted in the launcher module. - See the OpenCCM Task #204. * Comanche Module - Now extracted in the independant comanche module, this HTTP server can be used separately. * Explorer Module - The Browser framework was redesigned and renamed to Explorer framework and was imported into the explorer module. - See the OpenCCM Task #2128. - Added support for scripting Explorer plug-ins with BeanShell. * CCM Explorer Module - The CCM Explorer console was extracted from the OpenCCM core module and was imported into the ccm_explorer module. - See the OpenCCM Task #193. - Added support for scripting CCM Explorer plug-ins with BeanShell. * CORBA Module - Added the new corba module which contains ORB wrappers. - Added the new idl2java command and Ant task to compile OMG IDL 2.x files to Java independently of the underlying used CORBA product. - See the OpenCCM Task #1492. - See instructions for the idl2java command. * Production Module - Corrected the OpenCCM Bug #301243. - Added the new production module which contains CCM Interface Repository and Abstract Syntax Tree, IDL/PSDL/CIDL parser and basic generators. - Added OpenCCM Ant Tasks for production chain. - See the list of Production Ant Tasks. - Added the CIDL dependencies generator. This tool is used to easily create one archive per CIDL composition. * UML Module - Added the new uml module which contains all the needed elements for the interaction between a CCM application and its representation in UML. - Added a new OMG IDL 3.0, OMG CIDL and Java implementation files generator in the UML module. This script allows you to parse a specified XMI 1.1 UML 1.4 document and to generate the corresponding OMG IDL 3.0, CIDL and Java implementation files (CIF or monolithic). - See the uml2ccm command. * PSS Module - The Persistency State Service (PSS) module handles generators and wrappers for implementations of the OMG's CosPersistency spec. - Added the new pss module which contains the version 0.2 of the Persistent State Service. - Included support for JDO and Hibernate persistent frameworks. * Packaging Assembling Module - Extracted the OpenCCM Packaging Assembling Tool Chain in the packaging_assembling_tool module. - Added the command-line based car_maker and aar_maker commands for direct creation of CAR and AAR files respectively. - See the OpenCCM Task #106. - See new instructions for car_maker and aar_maker commands. * OpenCCM Module - Former openccm standalone module now holds the Runtime implementation. It also contains legacy code still needed for code production. This module depends on all others to provide the full featured OpenCCM Platform. - Corrected a multi-threading problem when several threads execute operation calls in parallel on a same component. Previously, a CORBA::UNKNOWN exception could be thrown due to a NullPointerException. - Added the new Ant target distrib to generate OpenCCM binary distribution. * DCI Module - The OpenCCM Distributed Computing Infrastructure (DCI) has been extracted from the OpenCCM core module in the dci module, as an independent module. Since the DCI is a CCM based application for CCM based deployments, it is still based on OpenCCM's Production Chain to be built. - Corrected the OpenCCM Bug #300553. * COACH Tracing Module - This IST-COACH contribution from Lucent can be now checked out separately through the coach_tracing module. This includes the web site structure, as well as the Actor-Reactor and Trace Server components. * Examples Module - The OpenCCM demonstrations have been extracted from the core module in the examples module. They can be downloaded separately, and their behaviour regarding usage of OpenCCM Production Chain and Runtime libraries should be taken in example. * MicroCCM Module - This new module contains a C++-based implementation of the OMG Lightweight CORBA Components Specification. - See the MicroCCM Documentation. - See the MicroCCM Install Guide. - See the MicroCCM User Guide. * PDA Module - Updated support for ORBacus-4.1. - See the OpenCCM Task #2053. - Added support for JacORB-2.1 and JacORB-2.2. - See the OpenCCM Task #2053. Have fun with this new OpenCCM release.


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