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Release Name: 2.1.0

Constructor and destructor:

  Primitive components can now implements constructor and destructor methods. 
  These methods can be used to initialize and finalize the internal state of a 
  component. Constructor and destructor cannot invoke the client interfaces of 
  the component.

  Two macros has been added to the ThinkMC dialect : CONSTRUCTOR and DESTRUCTOR.
  The CONSTRUCTOR can be used to implement the constructor using the following 

  void CONSTRUCTOR (void *_this) {
  Similarly, the DESTRUCTOR macro can be used to implement the destructor 

  The "hasConstructor" and "hasDestructor" attributes have been added to the 
  "content" ADL element to specify if a given primitive component implements a
  constructor and/or a destructor. The value of these attributes must be "true"
  or "false". The default value is "false".

Start order of sub-components

  The way sub-components of a given composite are started has been changed. The 
  binding graph is no more analyzed to determine a correct start order. Now, by
  default the order in which sub-components are started is not defined. If some
  sub-components must be started in a precise order, the "startOrder" attribute
  can be specified on the "component" ADL element. Sub-components of a given 
  composite are started from the lowest "startOrder" to the highest one. 
  Sub-components that do not specify a start order are started last.

  The "startProperty" attribute of the "interface" ADL element has been removed.


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