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Release Name: Orchestra 4.9.0

Orchestra 4.9.0

Changes: New Feature [ORCHESTRA-3] - Add selection filters for the instances table [ORCHESTRA-11] - Manage rights and permissions on processes during design [ORCHESTRA-13] - Add statistics MBeans [ORCHESTRA-20] - Expose API as a REST service [ORCHESTRA-21] - Integrate SoapUI within Orchestra Console [ORCHESTRA-22] - Support extension activities [ORCHESTRA-25] - Data management module in Designer [ORCHESTRA-27] - Dashboard in Console : integrate Eclipse Birt and create a page in the console to get general information about the activity of Orchestra [ORCHESTRA-30] - Task invoke : Add invoke task in designer. [ORCHESTRA-31] - Protect shared processes against concurrent modifications [ORCHESTRA-32] - Implement permissions notifications [ORCHESTRA-48] - Add a Orchestra extension to log some business process activities. [ORCHESTRA-61] - Add the possibility to define Xpath extension functions in ExtensionProvider [ORCHESTRA-62] - BPMN/BPEL : generate onEvent for unstructured processes [ORCHESTRA-63] - Add XPath extension method to get the ProcessInstanceUUID Improvement [ORCHESTRA-9] - Prohibit the stacking of elements during design process [ORCHESTRA-23] - Update CXF and Camel version [ORCHESTRA-47] - Remove limitation for Orchestra deployment on JOnAS 5.3 [ORCHESTRA-49] - Activate java delegation model for JOnAS [ORCHESTRA-53] - Java7 support [ORCHESTRA-66] - Improve redraw of sequenceFlows in the designer [ORCHESTRA-68] - Add a timeout to web service calls Task [ORCHESTRA-29] - Create a Flash demo of the Orchestra tooling (designer and console) [ORCHESTRA-54] - Remove ant test targets from package Sub-task [ORCHESTRA-69] - Create data mapping editor [ORCHESTRA-70] - Create data type editor [ORCHESTRA-73] - Add basic mapping operations to DataMapping editor Bug [ORCHESTRA-5] - Process is stored in the journal/history when deployment fails [ORCHESTRA-6] - NPE when deploying web services [ORCHESTRA-7] - NPE when a reply is defined with a one-way operation [ORCHESTRA-8] - NPE during execution if a copy references an invalid message part [ORCHESTRA-10] - NPE on parsing a fromPart clause with an undeclared variable [ORCHESTRA-14] - Duplicate indexes on MySQL database [ORCHESTRA-19] - StackOverflow when there are cyclic imports in XML Schemas [ORCHESTRA-24] - Console and Designer login does not work on IE8+ [ORCHESTRA-33] - Error when creating a new process if no project is selected [ORCHESTRA-34] - No max delay for the job executor dispatcher thread pause [ORCHESTRA-38] - Designer and Console are not accessible when installing Orchestra using the installer. [ORCHESTRA-44] - Incorrect required Java version specified in the documentation [ORCHESTRA-45] - Documentation still references Axis packages [ORCHESTRA-46] - Gateway : Null pointer exception during bpmn to bpel generation [ORCHESTRA-50] - Orchestra core database creation script contains monitoring tables [ORCHESTRA-51] - Implicit variable defined in catch is not taken into account during parsing [ORCHESTRA-56] - NPE during execution when createInstance activity use local variables. [ORCHESTRA-64] - Correlations are not updated if waitingExecution correlation keys [ORCHESTRA-65] - Exception in journal when exiting a process with an onEvent [ORCHESTRA-67] - Warning: "The encoding UTF-8 is not supported by the Java runtime." in the tomcat output [ORCHESTRA-71] - Too many CheckHasMessageJob generated for onEvent

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