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Release Name: 3.5.0

Spagic 3.5.0 has been released! Download it now here
This new version offers several new features and some bug fixes.

The main novelties of this release include:

- The process engine has been improved to support the concept of "configuration" on business process. You could now design business process to use as templates and delegate
to "process configurations" the bind of particular form definition to tasks. 

- The form handling has been improved:
  1) You could now design form with enhanced controls like table, dynamic combo and upload fields.
  2) The i18n support has been added for forms
  3) You could now retrieve form definition ( mtd ) starting from a pdf form definition.
  4) The process engine could be started directly from a pdf form.
- The spagic task list has been throughly redesigned from a technological and graphical point of view. 

- The attachment support in the service manager has been completely redesigned. 
In Spagic 3.5 attachments will never be carried by the message router. The message will have only attachment references that are stored in attachment store.

- A new type of monitoring has been added. It allow to monitor only the start and the end of the process ( with the variable in the end state ) without tracking
all steps of a process.

All issues and bugs are available in Spagic JIRA tracking system (after registration, please wait one minute before logging in).
For the complete list of new Features/Improvements please read the release notes.


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