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Release Name: Bonita-4.1.1

Maintenance versions containing minor enhancements, bug fixing and a first preview of connectors

Changes: Bonita 4.1.1 released on May 15th 2009 Changes: - Runtime * Add a generic infrastructure to support connectors integration in Bonita (feature in preview) * Add an EmailConnector * Add a LDAPConnector - Documentation * CookBook and QuickStart updates: supported jee application servers versions, link references, connectors chapter... Bug fixing: - Runtime * add ondelete and save update cascade on task candidates to prevent errors on MySQL * Fix Approval Web App (granted=yes was present twice and granted=no was absent) * Fix process instance variable access from an activity (returns the latest value before activity ends) - Designer * Move Description at process level to make it visible from admin console * Performer Assignment variable type was removed from XML - Console * Shell scripts are now executable Have fun ! ------------------------------------------------------------- Author: Charles Souillard BULL R&D mail: --------------------------------------------------------------

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