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Release Name: 1.2.2

- removed the limit for used objects inside the same transaction (limit was 100)
- fixed a bug in the XADataSource object, to check if the current connection
  is not already in the freeConnection Vector (bug #319)
- fixed a bug when the pool size decreased and connection lifetime is
  reached. This bug appears when the pool activity is not important, and
  the number of used connections is lesser than the max size of the pool.
- switch to off the boolean status of the pool

Changes: 2003-06-23 12:20 experl01 * README.txt, doc/index.html: just added a description 2003-06-23 12:17 experl01 * src/org/enhydra/jdbc/standard/ changed a System.out with a log.debug 2003-06-23 12:15 experl01 * src/org/enhydra/jdbc/standard/ added a dump method, moved the DEFAULT_MAX_CON property to 0 (means that there is no limit), we keep the setMaxCon method, user has to cast object to use this method 2003-06-23 12:13 experl01 * src/org/enhydra/jdbc/pool/ added a log message 2003-06-19 15:32 experl01 * src/org/enhydra/jdbc/pool/ set to 10 minutes instead of 30s 2003-06-19 10:50 experl01 * README.txt: added 1.2.2 release 2003-06-19 10:45 experl01 * doc/index.html: new release 1.2.2 2003-06-19 10:09 experl01 * src/org/enhydra/jdbc/pool/ added debug information, fixed a bug when the pool size decreased and connection lifetime is reached 2003-06-19 10:07 experl01 * src/org/enhydra/jdbc/pool/ added false to the onOff boolean when you stop the pool 2003-06-19 10:03 experl01 * src/org/enhydra/jdbc/core/ minor fix for bugdecimal 2003-06-16 12:18 jmesnil * src/org/enhydra/jdbc/standard/ o added toString() and hashCode() methods 2003-06-13 10:32 jmesnil * src/org/enhydra/jdbc/standard/ o in freeConnections(Xid, boolean), check that the freeConnections Vector does not contain the cur connection before putting it in (bug #319) 2003-06-04 11:54 experl01 * doc/: examples.html, index.html: minor modifications

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