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Release Name: 4.3.18

Notes: Maintenance version: numerous fixes and optimizations

Changes: Changes NTransaction architecture to expose a Repository interface; then implements a File and DB repository (using Derby). Implements a DBTransaction (using Derby). Fix: allows the AgentServer to restart after a bad start. Allows the JCA connector to be undeployed then redeployed. Implements multi-threading in HttpNetwork server part. Bug fix: run onException in a separate thread to avoid deadlock in connector onException method (synchronized). Fix bugs in RequestMultiplexer: a- call local close() first and then the connection close(). b- don't reschedule the heart beat task (forbidden by java.util.Timer) Fix bug in ReliableTcpClient: send() reconnects only if reconnect true. If an error is raised, close the client. Fix bug in TcpReader (canStop not properly assigned -> InterruptedIOException raised when stopping Joram) Fix synchronization of close() in Connection, Session and MessageConsumer: instantiate closer in constructor. RequestMultiplexer is also fixed in order to prevent deadlock between concurrent call to Connection.close() Fix bug in MessageConsumerListener: sending ConsumerUnsetListRequest is useless for a Topic and raises an InvalidDestinationException. Comment the request reaction in ProxyImpl. Report a configuration feature in JNDI: Allow to set SO_TIMEOUT TCP parameter on the client's socket throught (by default 0 for an infinite timeout). Fix a potential deadlock in acknowledge handling between client and server reader and writer thread. Fix bug in ReliableTcpConnection (deadlock with server)

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