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Release Name: 1.3

- added comments in GenericPool
- added a lot of method comments
- fixed a bug with multithreaded process (was a regression)
- removed a wrong test, which made a bug, in XAConnection
- added 2 tests, a multithreaded test and a contribution from A. Zeneski
- added the last version of JOTM (1.4.3), and carol
- removed TraceTm uses with JOTM
- changed the XAPool way of log (

Changes: 2003-07-21 17:23 experl01 * README.txt, doc/index.html: changed a little 2003-07-21 17:09 experl01 * src/org/enhydra/jdbc/standard/ removed error log messages 2003-07-21 17:08 experl01 * ext/ big modifications for the log system 2003-07-21 17:07 experl01 * externals/jotm.jar: new JOTM version 2003-07-21 17:06 experl01 * externals/: carol.jar, jotm_jrmp_stubs.jar: jotm.jar 2003-07-21 17:02 experl01 * examples/simplestatement/ remove TraceTm 2003-07-21 17:01 experl01 * examples/: saveautocommit/, xapooldatasource/ removed TraceTm 2003-07-21 16:58 experl01 * examples/: falserollback/, multipleconnection/, multipletransaction/ removed TraceTm 2003-07-21 16:57 experl01 * examples/multithreaded/:, README.txt, bases.sql, build.xml: first version of the multithreaded test 2003-07-21 16:55 experl01 * examples/jotmxapooltest/lib/hsqldb.jar: first version of the Andys test 2003-07-21 16:51 experl01 * examples/jotmxapooltest/:, README.txt, build.xml, config/, config/ first version of the Andys test 2003-07-21 16:49 experl01 * doc/index.html, README.txt: new 1.3 version 2003-07-15 16:02 experl01 * src/org/enhydra/jdbc/pool/ removed unused import statement 2003-07-11 10:26 experl01 * src/org/enhydra/jdbc/standard/ moved thisAutoCommit to the XAConnection 2003-07-11 10:16 experl01 * src/org/enhydra/jdbc/standard/ fixed a bug in connection managment, and in the doStart method 2003-07-11 10:13 experl01 * src/org/enhydra/jdbc/standard/ added method comments 2003-07-11 10:11 experl01 * src/org/enhydra/jdbc/pool/ added a comment 2003-07-11 10:04 experl01 * src/org/enhydra/jdbc/pool/ added a lot of method comment 2003-07-11 10:03 experl01 * src/org/enhydra/jdbc/pool/ added some traces and a method to get the locked object pool 2003-07-11 05:37 ajzeneski * .classpath: changed the eclipse compile directory to output/eclipse-bin rather then just eclipse-bin follows better with what seems to be an objectweb standard and output is already ignored by cvs 2003-07-10 10:45 experl01 * doc/online/1.2.2/: img0.jpg, img1.jpg, img10.jpg, img11.jpg, img12.jpg, img13.jpg, img14.jpg, img15.jpg, img16.jpg, img17.jpg, img2.jpg, img3.jpg, img4.jpg, img5.jpg, img6.jpg, img7.jpg, img8.jpg, img9.jpg: added jpg files for 1.2.2 presentation 2003-07-10 10:43 experl01 * doc/online/1.2.2/: img1.htm, img10.htm, img11.htm, img12.htm, img13.htm, img14.htm, img15.htm, img16.htm, img17.htm, img2.htm, img3.htm, img4.htm, img5.htm, img6.htm, img7.htm, img8.htm, img9.htm, text0.htm, text1.htm, text10.htm, text11.htm, text12.htm, text13.htm, text14.htm, text15.htm, text16.htm, text17.htm, text2.htm, text3.htm, text4.htm, text5.htm, text6.htm, text7.htm, text8.htm, text9.htm, xapool.htm: added html files for the 1.2.2 presentation 2003-07-10 10:34 experl01 * doc/XAPool1.2.2.ppt: added xapool presentation made for objectweb conference

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