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Release Name: 1.3.1

- added logging information
- changed Andy last name (sorry)
- made a lot of changes in jotmxapooltest by Andy
- added example HSQL config
- added sapdb example in
- prepareStatement(String, int, int) was not getting associated
  with the transaction
- get the last version of jotm (1.4.3)

Changes: 2003-07-30 15:54 experl01 * externals/: jotm.jar, jotm_jrmp_stubs.jar: new version 1.4.3 of JOTM 2003-07-30 14:35 experl01 * archive/ move to 1.3.1 2003-07-26 00:58 ajzeneski * src/org/enhydra/jdbc/standard/ committed proposed changes; in addition to fixing a bug in prepareStatement(String, int, int) was not getting associated with the transaction 2003-07-26 00:55 ajzeneski * examples/jotmxapooltest/src/ updated test 2003-07-26 00:47 ajzeneski * examples/jotmxapooltest/config/:,,,,, updated column names 2003-07-25 22:07 ajzeneski * examples/jotmxapooltest/config/:,,,,,,, added sapdb config; changed to not use reserved idx 2003-07-25 21:59 ajzeneski * ext/ added sapdb example 2003-07-24 20:18 ajzeneski * examples/jotmxapooltest/build.xml: updated to add conf to classpath; should run fine now without and classpath settings as long as JDBC drivers are in one of the lib directories 2003-07-24 20:18 ajzeneski * examples/jotmxapooltest/config/ fixed there were no drivers set 2003-07-24 19:56 ajzeneski * examples/jotmxapooltest/src/ made sure we close up the pool and TM 2003-07-24 19:56 ajzeneski * examples/jotmxapooltest/config/:,,,, added settings for p6spy for each database (uncomment to enable and make sure to set 2003-07-24 19:49 ajzeneski * ext/ added example HSQL config 2003-07-24 16:29 experl01 * archive/ changed manifest file 2003-07-23 22:25 ajzeneski * examples/jotmxapooltest/: .cvsignore,, README.txt, build.xml, config/, config/, config/, config/, config/, config/, config/, config/, src/ updated with new version. Has external db config files and more control over settings; updated readme for easy usage instructions 2003-07-23 05:17 ajzeneski * doc/index.html, examples/jotmxapooltest/README.txt: fixed my last name 2003-07-23 04:49 ajzeneski * src/org/enhydra/jdbc/standard/ just a little extra debug logging 2003-07-22 23:06 ajzeneski * src/org/enhydra/jdbc/standard/ calling the newConnectionHandle() method instead of being inside the method 2003-07-22 23:04 ajzeneski * src/org/enhydra/jdbc/standard/ added a line of logging

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