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Release Name: 1.1

This new release includes new maven plugins that simplify POM files of cecilia libraries and cecilia applications and many bug fixes.
For details, see the attached changelog.

Changes: Main changes: _____________ The 'cecilia-lib' module has been renamed to 'cecilia-baselib' New maven packaging types have been added to ease the development of cecilia component libraries and cecilia applications. Packages created by such modules end with '.car' ("Cecilia ARchive"). Moreover when a module depends on another cecilia module, the unpacking is handled automatically. The source organization of cecilia modules has also been reviewed: ADL, IDL and C files are gathered into a single 'src/main/cecilia' directory. (for details see The maven-archetype-cecilia-app archetype has been renamed to maven-archetype-cecilia-application and has been updated to create module with the "cecilia-application" packaging type. A new archetype "maven-archetype-cecilia-lib" has been added. Its creates a module with the "cecilia-library" packaging type. 'cecilia' module: - Attribute controller: The size of each attribute has been added in the internal structure managed by the attribute controller of primitive components. This allows to set and get correctly attribute values whenever their sizes (see bug #307540 for detail). 'toolchain' module: - The system properties that can be used to customize the execution of the test of the 'cecilia-adl' module has been renamed to: * cecilia.test.compiler * cecilia.test.linker * cecilia.test.cFlags These properties can be specify from the maven command line (using -D). The default value of the "cecilia.test.cFlags" now include the "-Werror' flag. This means that gcc does not raise any warning during tests. This also means that if for any reason, the generated code causes compilation warning, this should be considered as a bug. Fixed bugs: ___________ #307360 Unable to define many sub components with the same definition #307487 Cecilia controllers can't be compiled when the constant DEBUGCOMPOSITE is defined #307488 Compiling a multi-module component gives a gcc warning #307497 The old name ComponentIdentity is still used when compiling a multi-module #307498 Compiling a clonable component gives a gcc warning #307499 There is still a reference to <libc/string.h> in the generated code #307504 Cloning a composite containing a composite does not work #307506 The default attribute controller should not return an error when an attribute is set to 0 #307538 The generic bootstrap in cecilia-lib does not check the return value of startFc #307540 Tests do not pass on a 64bit arch #307548 Test failures on Mac OSX #307566 The user implemented LifeCycleController interface name should be checked

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