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Open Mobile IS

Release Name: OpenMobileIS-R7

Notes: A little late, we have release a new version of Open Mobile IS (R7). This is maintly a maintenance release. The main evolution is the use of the http client apache version to optimize synchro file download and some bug corrections. We have done a lot of work on several module that we hope to release soon. CVS repository is now uptodate with source code. Open Mobile Is Team

Changes: Adds the following features : * Add Apache HTTPclient for synchro HTTP connection conduit. Use Apache HTTPClient class by default in synchro. Define the in to change synchr conduit class. Apache HTTPclient synchro conduit offert better memory management for big synchro file. * Add an example of a file synchronisation in MyCRM appli. * Update SystemAPI to plugg multiple DLL depending on the system. Change pocketPC dll in ppcsystemapi.dll. Add method to get terminal unique id. * Add BOTH_SIDE option to the Synchro conflic resolver. * Optimize pregenerated fodb synchro file. Files are not loaded in memory. * add syncStatus attribute to OpenMSPException to force the return status of a synchro target. SyncStatus greater or equals than 300 are considered as error status for the synchro. Bug Correction : * Add buffered stream in ziputil to increase synchro performance. * Bug correction in FODBLabelFactory. * Bug correction in the new file synchronisation. The incompatibilities with the R6 version are : * Modification de la signature de la méthode fillTemplateWithSessionData de l'interface StepEditService. * Modification de l'interface IndexServletContentListener * default HTTP lib is now Apache. classpath must be updated.

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