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Release Name: 2.1

Standalone XMLC 2.1

This is the binary release of XMLC version 2.1. The binary release
contains all files needed to use XMLC. XMLC is compatible with JDK 1.3
and JDK 1.4

Follow these steps to download, install, and configure XMLC.

1. Download and install Java.

2. Install CYGWIN tools. Windows users will need to download and
install Unix style GNU development tools. You can download these from

3. Download XMLC.
   * Tar archive: xmlc-2.1.tar.gz
   * Zip archive:

4. Extract the archive in a directory of your choice. The archive
contains the following .jar libraries:
   * gnu-regexp-1.1.4.jar: Version 1.1.4 of the gnu.regexp package.
   * xerces-1.4.4-xmlc.jar: Version 1.4.4 of the Xerces XML parser and
     DOM, with patches for XMLC.
   * jtidy-r7-xmlc.jar: Version r7 of the JTidy HTML parser, with
     patches for XMLC.
   * xmlc.jar: XMLC 2.1
   * wireless.jar: DOM extensions for WML, VoiceML and CHTML
     support. This library is optional.
   * xhtml.jar: DOM extensions for XHTML support. This library is

Note, you will need the gnu tar version to extract the files, since
Sun's tar utility has problems with long pathnames. The gnu tar
command to extact the archive is similar to:
   gtar zxvf xmlc-2.1.tar.gz.

5. Make sure that gnu-regexp-1.1.4.jar, jtidy-r7-xmlc.jar,
xerces-1.4.4-xmlc.jar and xmlc.jar are on your class path.

Important note: XMLC will not work with stock JTidy and Xerces. You
must use the patched versions of JTidy and Xerces that are included in
the XMLC distribution.

Note: The binary release of XMLC 2.1 does not include support for
automatic page recompilation. The existing recompilation support is
highly dependent on the application server used together with XMLC,
and only works with some few application servers. It will be replaced
with an application server independent page reloading mechanism in the
next release. If you need page recompilation support, get the XMLC
sources from CVS (use the "XMLC_RELEASE_2_1" tag to get the released
version), enable building the recompilation support in
xmlc/modules/xmlc/, put the necessary application
server classes on the build classpath and compile from source.


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