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eXo Platform

Release Name: eXo JCR 1.12

Features of eXoJCR 1.12 comparing to 1.11

- Repository clustering based on JBossCache and JBoss Transactions. 
- Lazy-load option for child nodes and properties read, improved items dataflow for read/write operations
- Alternative data container optimized for read operations (consuming less database queries)
- Database dialect can be autodetected (if not pointed in the configuration)
- Support for Values large of 2GiB
- Portal container configuration improvements (default definitions, link and externaly loaded parameters) 
- Concurrency improvements for Session registry and Values stroage
- Concurrency improvements for XA transactions support (Repository login and logout faster now)
- Improved serach based on Lucene 2.4
- Support of MySQL/InnoDB database for multi-language content
- Standalone container can use configuration stored in JBossAS server configuration directory by default 
- WebDAV server update-policy can be configured to different versioning behaviour
- Lot of WebDAV server bugfixes
- HTTP (RESTful) Backup agent with concole client
- HTTP (RESTful) Repository management service
- Support of Java6 and Java5 runtime and development environment

Since version of 1.12 eXoJCR available under LGPL license (version 2.1).

eXoJCR 1.12 tested in on the databases:
  MySQL 5.1 MYSQL Connector/J 5.1.8
  Oracle DB 10g ( Oracle 10g (
  PostgresSQL 8.3.7 JDBC4 Driver, Version 8.3-605
  DB2 9,7 IBM Data Server Driver for JDBC and SQLJ (JCC Driver) Version: 9.1 (fixpack 3a)
  MS SQL Server 2005 SP3 JDBC Driver 2.0
  MS SQL Server 2008 SP1 JDBC Driver 2.0  
  Sybase 15.0.2 JConnect v6.0.5 (Build 26564 / 11 Jun 2009) 

Changes: All 1.12 task on JIRA: 1.12.2-CR1 tasks:

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