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Release Name: 5.4.0

This release is a maintenance release introducing some improvements and bug fixes.

Changes: - Design of an extension framework for JMS destinations. In a first time it defines 2 destinations for acquisition (create JMS message from external data) and distribution (create external data from JMS message) and a simple interface to implement for acquisition and distribution modules - Implementation of Acquisition and Distribution modules are provided to replace Collector, Mail, Monitoring and JMS bridge destinations. - Implementation of a STOMP proxy allowing Joram access through STOMP protocol. - Possibility to create or retrieve destinations using symbolic name through Session.create[Queue|Topic]. - Adds many monitoring and statistics JMX attributes. - Numerous changes in administration offering better functionnalities and performances. - Bug fix: in the JMS bridge, previously the use of receiveNoWait cause a NPE in server and an infinite wait for the client. - Bug fix: Potential client blocking when sending a message with a TTL to a local destination (A cause of this problem can be a bad clock synchronization).

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